New Hope Primitive Baptist Church
220 North Ortman Drive
Pastor Elder Wilbert Jefferson

Around 1982,Elder Bullard retied as pastor and the Primitive Baptist Association sent chief Evangelist, Elder Eli Simpon of Coca,Flordia. Elder Simpson was a sten and faithful leader. Under Elder Simpson's leadership he taught the congregation how to truly be bold for the lord,to stand on God's word and god will stand with you,mostimportantly "DO NOT COMPROMISE WITH THE DEVIL". Also,while under the leadership,the meeting place changed twice. For a time they met on the 2nd floor of the Wilcox Shopping Mall.The services were compromised for one reason or another,and the sought out other locations. 

     Finally, Five months later, they made arrangemens to hold services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday at Macedonia Baptist Church on Minoso Street.

     Around 1986, Elder Simpson moved on and another pastor was sent from New Smyrna, FL. Licensed minister Adewale Adewumi (Nigerian) was sent by the Primitive Baptist Association. While at New Hope, licensed Minister Adewumi became an ordained pastor. Elder Adewumi reached out to the community and witnessed about receiving JESUS as their personal  savior. He especially reached out to many young people in the church amd they had

Led by the Holy Spirit in 1989, Lic. Minister Jefferson, Church Clerk Mother Annie Brown, Sis Sanda Jefferson ( First Lady ) , and Sis.Beatrice Adams together revived NEW HOPE, once again to bring New Hope to Orlando. As history sometimes repeats itself,services were held in the home of Lic. Minister Jefferson.

In 1989, Lic. Minister Jefferson was ordained at the East Florida Primitive Baptist Association and he became,Elder Wilbert Jefferson Sr. In 1990, the church acquired a building at 3900 West Robinson Street where services were held for many years. God blessed NEW HOPE and added to the number of truly faithful members. Under the leadership of Elder Jefferson, the church has grown with people who are seeking the truth of God. Also, the meeting locations have changed two times since Robinson, but by the grace of God, Elder Jefferson came upon this location 220 North Ortman Drive ( where we are currently located at ). As God lead the children of Israel, so has he led us and is leading the people of NEW HOPE by faith. Just as God gave the Children of Israel a new home he also blessed NEW HOPE .

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church is blessed and now we are in the midst of erecting a new sanctuary. For we know that our God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory that he has in Christ Jesus.